A series of New Scottish Fairy Tales by Debbie Richardson is about to be published



The first in a series of at least five (who knows, it might just keep growing!) New Scottish Fairy Tales is about to be published and available on Amazon either for Kindle or in paperback. Princess Haggis Ears is my ‘baby’. I’ve lived with her for over 20 years and now she has finally been brought delightfully to life thanks to the fantastic artistic talents of illustrator and artist, Florin Gradinaru from Romania. I wrote this delightful tale in French when I was at University studying, well, French of course! Inspired by the classic fairy tales we had to read in French I decided to write my own one without any blood and gore but with a message of acceptance and true love. Below is one of the images from the first book. I’ll write more about it and show more images tomorrow.Imageg)

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