Princess Haggis Ears cover

Princess Haggis Ears cover


New writing goals

I have several writing goals to take me up to the New Year which, believe it or not, is in less than 4 months! Yikes! I’d better get a move on. I have two competitions to enter in the next five weeks -I’m entering my children’s novel -The Lightning Tree -It’s for 8-12 year olds and is a fantasy adventure based in Fife and Edinburgh. It’s finished but needs a final good and strict edit.

I have two more of my New Scottish Fairy Tales to edit and will use the mega talented Florin Gradinaru again for the illustrations.

I am going to post another two of his lovely illustrations from The Diamond Tears on here in just a mo.

 I have a screen play to write by November and a new children’s novel to write ready for entry to the Kelpies Prize in February. That may sound like ages away but writing a novel is a lengthy process and if it’s not written by December 31st I can more or less forget entering it as the editing process is one of the most vital parts of writing and can take a long time. For example, my first children’s novel, Pick ‘n’ Mix Mums, which made it onto the Kelpies shortlist in 2012, took nearly four months to write and then several months to edit.

So, all in all, I will be very busy. I’ll keep up with this blog as best I can though. Please write comments if you wish to ask me anything and I’ll be happy to reply. Okay – I’d better get started!!

Princess Haggis Ears

Princess Haggis Ears

As promised here is the link to the first book in my series of New Scottish Fairy Tales -now available for sale on Amazon.

The second book in the series is also just published and now available -The Diamond Tears. I will post some of Florin Gradinaru’s beautiful illustrations, on here, in just a mo! But first -here’s the link so you culture loving people can actually find the book!

The Diamond Tears: A New Scottish Fairy Tale: 2 (New Scottish Fairy Tales by Debbie Richardson) [Paperback]-